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Exceptional quality is the guiding principle that Cravo has been founded upon, across time. Our bold designs and our mission to enhance gracious living continue to build from this central promise. The products reflect this heritage of excellence. Leading-edge design, advanced technologies and renowned craftmanship characterize our innovative faucets.

The foundation of quality extends throughout all facets of the organization, including our plants, customer service centers, and all of our associates.

This brochure represents creative passion and our commitment to bring only new and unique products to market. It presents the hallmarks of our products and ultimately, reinforces our dedication to creating truly delightful consumer experiences.

Exceptional Quality

Quality, Innovation Design and Service

German Aerator Technology

"Cravo" uses world class Aerators integrated with Honey Chrome structure to protect against line build up & soft water flow.

Operate Smoothly

"Cravo" uses some of the world's best catridges from leading European Companies which provide comfort & flawless smooth operation.


Our dedicated team not only designs products that look great but ensure that there is no irritating noise of water hammering. Our products are extremely quiet.

Long lasting, Excellent Finish

"Cravo" uses latest plating technology to give a aesthetic elegant look. The mirror shiny surface not only gives rich apperance it also acts a protection layer towards tolerance to corrision & poor water quality.

Zero Drip

Each & every Faucets is tested with pressure & Air pressure to see that not a single Faucets leaves the Unit with any Dripping.

Eco Care

"Cravo" cares for environment hence entire team Support & follows the path that's Eco friendly which saves water & Energy, & does not harm environment.