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Manufacturing Process

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How It Works

Manufacturing Process



The start of a Cravo Swing Faucet: Currently still a raw and inconspicuous brass bar, the raw material melts in the furnance at over 1000 degree centigrade, the liquid metal now takes on a recognizable form. All these were done by italy IMR Gravity Casting Machine.


The faucet enters the polishing stage. The rough casting is polished by hand, to ensure that the surface has an impressive shine, all flat surfaces and edges are polished manually. Automatic polishing machine is also used to increase the production capacity.


The brass faucet are placed in an electrolytic immersion bath. In one of the most modern plating systems, the faucet now recieves a brillantly shiny chrome layer that ensures long lasting durability. It bathes in several electrolytic baths for up to an hour.


The faucet goes to Machining process. This is computer controlled process. Our cutting-edge machine and experienced workers ensures the gravity casting body has all it's surface finished to a high degree of smoothness.


A single swing faucet comprises almost 30 individual components. In the final assembly, the specialized workers assemble all parts together. No product leaves the factory without first being tested for leaks and optimum spray performance.